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See what can't be unseen. Then go do something about it.

Since 2011, John has built a concurrent career to music in the social justice/nonprofit field.

Over the course of his work, John helped raise $20M annually, supervised programs that helped 10,000+ families rise out of poverty each year, led statewide public policy creation, and was the inventor of a predictive-data-integration practice that is still unique to the entire non-profit sector.

He has served as a consultant to the Institute for Child Success, Piedmont Healthcare Foundation, United Way of Greenville County, Hispanic Alliance, and other non-profits. He has also advised United Way Worldwide.

John's work in the non-profit and music fields are symbiotic. He uses the skills learned in fund/donor development, community engagement, data analysis, and strategy and project management to be a better musician; and music has helped John bring a creative outlook to the non-profit sector.

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